Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 7: Growth Mindset

This semester I have actually discussed the growth mindset in a couple of my classes like my biology capstone and at my house. I remember the longest conversation I had about the growth mindset was with my friend Damiana at around midnight. We were talking about all of the problems found within the inner city public school system. I then talked to her about how useful it would be if the education system taught with a growth mindset and consistently challenged students. I told my friend a little about what the growth mindset entailed and she instantly agreed with me. We both believe that the inner city schools we came from did not promote a system of challenge, but instead allowed students to do no work and continue throughout high school until they graduated. 

(All we need is coffee and the growth mindset)


  1. Justin,

    I agree with you! I think that many schools are worried about their statistics rather than the actual learning process of many of their students. I think one of the reasons why these schools are so affected by this is standardized testing and funding. I would much rather prefer an environment for my daughter where she will not be left behind and where she will really grasp the concept being taught to her rather than nailing her down to get a passing score on a test.

  2. I agree that schools don't do a good job at growth mindset. Schools are so focused on giving grades nowadays that they don't pay much attention to the learning methods. I think that leads to students giving up or getting tired of studying as they believe they need always need to make good grades in order to excel in life. Good post as it brought up an interesting topic.

  3. I agree, that all college students need is coffee! But that seems like a very random discussion to have with a friend, i.e. growth mindset. Yes, I agree with the both of you how the public school system is when it comes to learning. But besides recognizing the problem, did you two come up with suggestions to help change that problem? I am curious as to where the discussion went from there.